Printing Services

Information Technology Services provides a variety of printing options for both students and employees at Lethbridge College.


You have the ability to print to a number of printers on campus in a variety of ways, including from a lab computer as well as from your personal laptop or mobile device. To do this, you need to add funds to your printing account. (See link below for instructions.)

Lab computers are set up to print directly to the printer(s) in the same lab.

From any computer or mobile device, you can also use your Temporary Identification Code (TIC) to print to the “secure print” system by attaching your document (in either Microsoft Office or PDF format) in an email from your "" account to The following links will help you in using your print account:

The following student-accessible rooms have copiers or printers with QR Codes that you can use to print files from your Secure Print Queue:


Each department has been assigned a “Power User” (usually an administrative assistant) who can assist with any printing questions.


If you have any problems with printing, please see for contact information.