Password Policy

In accordance with the Use of Information Technology Resources Procedure, Lethbridge College students and employees have accounts for which they are responsible for maintaining passwords of 8 to 14 characters in length.

The following accounts are commonly used at the college.

MyHorizon/domain account

Your MyHorizon/domain account is synchronized across a number of systems: email/Office365, MyHorizon and Ellucian Go, computer login (including lab computers and staff-assigned computers), wireless network access, Colleague UI (staff use only).

Your password for this account will expire every 180 days. The below instructions will show you how to change this password:


From off campus:
(not using our Wi-Fi networks)

From on campus:

If you want to change your password before it expires:
(at least 30 days since last password change)
Check the box marked I want to change my password after logging on when logging in to MyHorizon. You will then be prompted to create a new password. Log on to a computer in the Library or Info Commons (or any lab computer on campus) and then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose Change a password… from the options shown. Follow the prompts to create a new password.
If your password has already expired: You will automatically be taken to a password change screen when you log in to MyHorizon (without checking the box on the login page) or when you log in to a college computer on campus. Log on to a computer in the Library or Info Commons (or any lab computer on campus) and you will be told your password is expired and automatically be prompted to create a new password

Note: Once you’ve made the above change, you’ll need to update your wireless and email passwords on any other devices you may have set up with this information. This will prevent you from losing connection to the wireless network once your password has changed.


Canvas is our Learning Management System (LMS) used by instructors and students for course work. As Canvas is an independent system, accounts do not synchronize their passwords with our other Lethbridge College resources.
Canvas passwords do not expire, but it’s a good idea to change them occasionally. This can be done from the Settings link within Canvas.


If you have any problems with your password, please see for contact information.