Cyber Security

Cyber Security Tip of the Month


KFC Colonel’s Club loyalty website has been breached resulting in the disclosure of 1.3 million user accounts and passwords. If you are a member of this club, please change your password ASAP and ensure you are not using the same password on other sites.

Dailymotion, a popular video sharing website, has disclosed a breach in its database of users accounts. Dailymotion users are encouraged to change their passwords and ensure that any duplicate passwords on other sites are similarly changed.



Adobe has issued 31 new security patches to 9 of its products. Please ensure you receive and install these patches if you use any Adobe products.


Yahoo Accounts Compromised

Yahoo announced that 1 Billion accounts were stolen during a large scale hack of Yahoo systems in 2013.

If you have a Yahoo account, please ensure you change your password immediately.

As well, ensure that you have either different passwords or accounts set up for sites where you may have registered using your Yahoo email account.