Counselling Services

Lethbridge College now offers all Lethbridge College students access to the Student Support Program (SSP) provided by Shepell·fgi. The SSP provides students with a wide range of in-depth counselling services, including face-to-face counselling on campus.

How to access the SSP (to book an appointment or for information, immediate counselling, etc.)


  • Call the Shepell·fgi Care Access Centre toll free at 1-855-649-8641.
  • Log in at and use the “Call Now” or “Chat Now” icons.
  • Students may also download the “My SSP” app for general health and wellness advice, and to chat or speak with a counsellor.

Students will be able to access immediate, confidential help from Shepell·fgi’s SSP 24-hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Counselling sessions can take place on-site in face-to-face appointments with a counselor or can be scheduled with Shepell·fgi counsellors in the community.
  • In addition to face-to-face counseling session, students can access online, video or telephone counseling to discuss many various topics.
  • Students also have access to a wide variety of health and wellness services including: financial support services, health coaching, risk prevention, legal advice, nutritional services and more.

To access any of the services offered, start by calling 1-855-649-8641 or visiting Simply provide the college name (Lethbridge College) for full access to the SSP services and all of the additional resources available to students.