Wireless Networks

To further support our learners and employees, Lethbridge College has introduced changes to our wireless networks – intuitive names, enhanced security, and ease of use. These networks are available now.

Name of Network




Personal Devices

This is a new network for students and staff using personal devices e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops, and some college-owned devices, such as iPads.


College-owned Laptops

This network is for students and staff using college-owned laptops.


Personal Devices

This network is for those members of the college community such as guests, presenters and the public. Campus visitors wanting to access this network should visit the Buchanan Library or Help Desk to have an account created.

Important Notes

1  It is recommended that staff or students using college-owned or personal smartphones/tablets connect to the Students@LC network for internet access. The Students@LC network provides enhanced security that is not available on Guest@LC.
2  PC and MAC laptops owned by the college and used in programs by students will need to use the Staff@LC wireless network. These programs would include Engineering Design & Drafting Technology, and Digital Communications & Media students, for example.

Configuring Your Device

Students@LC Staff@LC Guest@LC


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