Lethbridge College Students' Association (LCSA)


Student Association

As a student, you’re automatically a member of the Lethbridge College Students’ Association (LCSA). You’ll help elect the Students’ Council to represent student concerns to college administration. You’ll also have a compulsory student health and dental plan. The LCSA runs student clubs, campus recreation, contests and giveaways. The LCSA also operates the Cave, where students can relax over a game of pool, video games, ping pong or TV.

Campus Recreation

Our main objective is to provide you with a wide variety of quality programs for your “off” hours, including dance classes, ski trips, intramural sports, and more. Campus Recreation programs offer students the opportunity to be active, have fun, and meet new people. To participate in Campus Recreation activities, stop by the Students’ Association office for more information. We encourage you to enjoy your college experience to its fullest by being active and involved.

Virtual Tour

Explore Lethbridge College through the Virtual Tour. Click to walk through the hallways and get an inside look into the great spaces on campus.