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If you’re not sure what direction you want to take your career and you’re looking to build a well-rounded foundation for further education, the General Studies program is just what you need. Our versatile, two-year diploma will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for a future where you get to call the shots. You’ll be able to take your pick as we offer a variety of options, including a General Studies diploma; sticking with an eclectic mix or choosing from five majors to suit the area that interests you. You also have many flexible delivery options to choose from, including traditional in-class courses, online courses, or with our Diploma in a Day initiative you can take all your classes in one day during the week. Whatever you choose, almost all our courses are transferrable to several universities, so you can be guaranteed that when you’re done here, the options for your future will be endless.

Our First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) students can also take advantage of our General Studies FNMI Career Pathways program where skills are strengthened in writing, college success, and cultural awareness. At the end of the eight-month program, you’ll find yourself ready to easily transitioning into another Lethbridge College program.

General Studies is right for you if you:

  • have a career path in mind and want to get started in small classes with courses that transfer to college or university programs
  • have no set career path but want to develop yourself and your skills while preparing for further education
  •  want flexibility in choosing courses that meet your needs at delivery times that are convenient.

Customize your education, choose from five majors:


General Studies: At-a-Glance
2 Years
September, January, May
Diploma in General Studies or Diploma in General Studies with Major
Canadian Studies Major (The last intake for this Major will be September 2017)
Cultural Studies Major (The last intake for this Major will be September 2017)
English Major
Physical Education and Leadership
Psychology and Sociology Major
Athabasca University, University of Calgary, Other Colleges and Universities

Students wishing to qualify for a General Studies Diploma must successfully complete 60 credits according to the following:

  • Core Area: a minimum of 30 credits
  • Electives: any other post-secondary courses to bring total to 60 credits
  • Suggested courses are listed in the curriculum section; other approved courses may also be used.


General Studies - Cost Estimate
2017-18 Academic YearTuitionFeesBooks & Supplies
Year 1$2,706$946$1,478
Year 2$2,651$988$1,448
• Students will be charged a medical/dental benefit fee unless they opt out by demonstrating alternative coverage prior to the end of the first week of class.
• International students are charged three times the tuition fee of their particular program and the same (other) fees as domestic students.
• Costs for supplies may vary considerably depending on what students already have or where they purchased their supplies; cost provided is on the moderately high end.

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