Prior Learning Assessment Process

Prior Learning AssessmentIs the content of a course in your program similar to a course, work experience or training that you have previously completed? Is it possible to get Prior Learning Credit?  Refer to the following steps in the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process at Lethbridge College.

  1. Contact the Program Chair/Designate regarding the PLA process if you have field related training, work experience or previous education. You must, however, be admitted to a Lethbridge College academic program before any prior learning is assessed. 
  2. If, after discussion with the Program Chair/Designate, you appear to be a candidate for PLA, the following information should be provided:

    • Guidelines for each course, describing how your prior learning is to be demonstrated and/or documented.  This could include one or more of the following: challenge exam, portfolio, skills demonstration, existing certifications, and oral interview.
    • PLA fee for each course as applicable.
    • Timelines involved.
    • Other program specific information – contact person, portfolio format, process for setting a time for a challenge exam, etc.
  3. If you decide to proceed, complete the PLA Application form with the assistance of the Program Chair/Designate.
  4. Demonstrate/document your prior learning as outlined in the guidelines, and complete the requirements and/or submit your portfolio within the agreed upon timelines.
  5. Once the course evaluator completes the assessment you should receive.

    • Results and/or feedback
    • Materials you submitted, if applicable (ie. portfolio, videos)
    • Communication from the Program Chair/Designate or the Registrar’s Office regarding the final grade

Other Important Points

  • Prior learning assessment (PLA) is done on a course by course basis.  Not every course is available for PLA. You must complete at least 25% of the credits required for your program by being registered in the applicable Lethbridge College courses.
  • A successful prior learning assessment appears on your transcript as a PLC (Prior Learning Credit) grade. The grade PLC does not calculate into your GPA.  If your prior learning assessment is not successful, you may access the Lethbridge College academic appeal process.
  • If you are planning on transferring to a university in the future, be aware that some universities may not accept courses awarded PLC or may limit the number of courses completed through the PLA process.
  • PLA should be completed a minimum of one term prior to when you hope to be eligible to graduate.

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