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Have you always had a flare for technology with a desire to be on the inside track? If so, the Computer Information Technology program is waiting for you. Our intensive, two-year diploma will help you pave the path to success, giving you a foundation in everything from software development, networking and  web development to e-commerce and information systems management. You’ll understand what it takes to manage and build the complex systems our world relies on while receiving training in business and communications to give your career that extra edge.

Computer Information Technology is right for you if you:

  • think logically and analytically
  • pay attention to detail
  • have flexibility and adaptability to manage change effectively
  • can work independently, in teams and as group facilitators
  • have excellent oral and written communication skills.

Program your future

Our program is accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), and will give you the hands-on experience you need to make a career all your own. You’ll gain the opportunity to hone your skills in a variety of environments and demonstrate your abilities as an individual and as a member of a team in the development of challenging projects. You’ll be ready for a rewarding career in an in-demand industry.

Computer Information Technology: At-a-Glance
2 Years
September, January
Diploma in Computer Information Technology
University of Lethbridge, Athabasca University, University of Calgary, NAIT, Griffith University (Queensland, Australia), Minot University (North Dakota)

There is a required practicum component to this program. The College dictates the legal terms and conditions governing the practicum experience. Failure by the student to accept by way of legal contract and abide by these terms and conditions will result in non-completion of the program.

You will work on web development for a not-for-profit organization and spend time in a workplace-based practicum with an organization of your choice. And, you finish the program with a real-life system project for a real-life client.

Program is accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS).

Computer Information Technology - Cost Estimate
2017-18 Academic YearTuitionFeesBooks & Supplies
Year 1$3,092$946$2,023
Year 2$3,623$1,047$1,874
• Students will be charged a medical/dental benefit fee unless they opt out by demonstrating alternative coverage prior to the end of the first week of class.
• International students are charged three times the tuition fee of their particular program and the same (other) fees as domestic students.
• Costs for supplies may vary considerably depending on what students already have or where they purchased their supplies; cost provided is on the moderately high end.
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