Careers & Transfers

Your Practical Nursing diploma will prepare you for work in a wide range of health care fields, from acute-care to long-term care and from large public health agencies to individual home care.

Practical Nurses work closely with other health care team members and play an increasing role in primary healthcare focusing on illness and injury prevention, health protection and health restoration.

For someone with certification as a practical nurse, there are many fulfilling employment opportunities in a variety of settings. These include:

  • regional health authorities
  • continuing care facilities
  • community care agencies
  • occupational health departments in large organizations
  • primary care clinics and physicians' offices
  • schools
  • group homes.



Thompson Rivers University

Graduates of Practical Nursing are eligible to receive a maximum of 57 transfer credits Into the TRU Bachelor of Health Science or a maximum of 60 transfer credits into the TRU Bachelor of General Studies.