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Culinary Careers Courses

Year 1

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
COM-1137 Communication Skills 1.5
CUL-1115 Management Controls 3
CUL-1116 Breakfast Soups and Pantry 3
CUL-1117 Vegetables and Farinaceous 3
CUL-1118 Production Skills 6
CUL-1120 Meat Cutting and Meat Cookery 6
CUL-1121 Bakeshop 6
CUL-1122 Stocks and Sauces 3
CUL-1127 Culinary Careers Introduction 3

Year 2

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
CUL-2218 Industry Work Placement 1.5
CUL-2201 Food Service Management. and Saucier 6
CUL-2207 Lunch Express Entremetier and Nutrition 6
CUL-2208 Buffets and Bakery 6
CUL-2212 Evening Dining and Preparing Proteins 6
CUL-2213 Gala Banquets and Hot Salon 3

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Academic Calendar 2014-15

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