FNMI Services

FNMI Services provides a “Circle of Services” to assist our FNMI learners be successful in their journey of pursuing a post-secondary education. Beyond our warm welcome, we provide:

FNMI Recruiter

The Lethbridge College Recruitment Office provides tours and school visits to interested prospective and current students. Our FNMI Recruiter visits high schools, community events, career fairs and/or employment agencies to help support and encourage FNMI learners to be successful in attaining a post-secondary education. Lethbridge College FNMI Support Services and Program presentations are available upon request.

For further information, contact: Recruitment Office at 1.800.572.0103, Ext. 3322 or 403.320.3322.

Coordinator, FNMI Services

Located in the FNMI Services and Student Lounge (AN1501), the Coordinator, FNMI Services provides support and assistance to FNMI learners, works closely with college faculty and staff, and facilitates open and respectful communication between FNMI learners and college departments and divisions so that FNMI learners’ needs are best served. The Coordinator, FNMI Services is responsible for providing FNMI students with referrals to student support services both on and off-campus, as well as enhancing the student experience through cultural support, events and activities.

For further information, contact: Coordinator, FNMI Services at 1.800.572.0103 or 403.320.3202, Ext. 5731.

Academic Advisor, FNMI Focus

The Academic Advisor, FNMI Focus provides academic advising geared towards FNMI learners. Through facilitated information sessions, the Academic Advisor, FNMI Focus assists prospective students explore programs, admission requirements, services and FNMI support offered by Lethbridge College.

The Academic Advisor, FNMI Focus also provides one-on-one academic advising appointments to help current learners with accessing services and support, course registration, funding and university transfer opportunities.

For further information, contact: Academic Advisor, FNMI Focus at 1.800.572.0103 or 403.320.3202, Ext. 5359.

FNMI Cultural Support Program

The FNMI Cultural Support program provides students with access to community Elders, spiritual advisors, leaders and role models. Elders and spiritual advisors make regularly scheduled visits to the campus and are also available to meet individually with students. Through this program, students have an opportunity to interact with Elders and benefit from their support, traditional knowledge and guidance.

FNMI Student Lounge • Andrews Building 1501 (AN1501)

The FNMI student lounge is the home of the FNMI Student Advisor and serves as an information and connection point for FNMI learners, staff, and Elders. The lounge is open throughout the academic year and provides a place to connect with other students for group study, friendship, and general support. The lounge also offers plenty of seating, coffee, kitchen amenities, and computer workstations.

For further information on Services for FNMI learners, contact: Manager, FNMI & Recruitment Services at 1.800.572.0103 or 403.320.3202, Ext. 3242

For further information on any of the above services, email fnmi@lethbridgecollege.ca.