Media & Design

"I could never have started my own production company without the professional guidance, encouragement, and support of my College instructors, who continue to support me today. The program gave me a very clear picture of the media industry and what it meant to work in the field. I got to experience live TV mayhem, deadline rushes, embarrassing mistakes and the satisfaction of having people relate to the best work I did."

Fergus Raphael, Broadcast Journalism '03

Release your creative spirit

Do you think you’re Canada’s next network news anchor, hot reporter, animator or world-famous fashion designer? Pretty diverse fields, we agree, but our Media & Design programs can get you into these fields and many others.

These careers are varied, yet all have an element of creativity, and all require you to stay abreast of technology and the world around you.

You’ll learn on industry-standard software from instructors who are professionals in the field.

All our courses are very hands-on. You’ll get practical experience working in real situations at newspapers, radio and television stations, designing promotional materials or web sites, producing a fashion show or assisting on community-based design projects.

You’ll work with people – clients, subjects, newsmakers – while honing your individual skills and employing your creative abilities in a field you’ll find rewarding.