T2202A Information

What's my login?

Use your s####### number and your password, the same as what you use to login to college lab computers. If you have never logged into the college computers, your password should be your date of birth in YYMMDD format (e.g.: if your birthdate is September 25, 1991, your password would be 910925).

What's my Email address?

It should be the same format as your old address, minus the ".ab" part.

To confirm:

How do I access my college email through myHorizon?

You can access your email from myHorizon by clicking on the message below the Outlook Web Access tab. The very first time you will need to access your e-mail by clicking on the link below the Outlook Web Access tab that says: "Enter your credentials"

Use the following format the first time you log on:

Can I connect my home computer, wireless laptop, or phone to email?

Can I forward this email to my home/personal email?

Yes, but there is some risk of non-delivery as you are relying on another email service. Also, this forwarded email could be flagged as "spam" to that email service.

  1. Log into the portal and select Outlook Web Access for email (upper middle of page)
  2. In the upper right corner, from the Options drop-down menu, choose Create an Inbox Rule.
  3. Under "Inbox Rules", choose New... .
  4. Under "When the message arrives, and:", select [Apply to all messages].
  5. Under "Do the following:", select Redirect the message to... . The Address Book will open.
  6. At the bottom, in the "To ->" field, enter the address to which you want to forward your email, and then click OK.
  7. In the New Inbox Rule window, click Save.
  8. In the upper right corner, select "MyMail" to return to the email screen

What about all my previous email?

What about email still being sent to my old address?

It will be automatically forwarded to your new account until Christmas. After that point, the sender will receive a "bounce-back" message indicating that your old email address is invalid.

You will notice that any email sent to your old address that is forwarded to your new account, will have your old address listed in the "To" field. Correctly addressed email will only have your name listed in the "To" field.

Why can't I lookup other student names in the directory?

This is to protect students from unwanted email. The email directory has college faculty and staff listed.

Where can I get help or ask questions about the email and portal?

Inside the webmail, please check the help and information section on the page. The staff in the Library Commons and IB Commons is your next resource.

Help Desk Information

If you are having any technical related issues or would like training, please contact the Help Desk: