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“There is an atmosphere of team spirit at the college, and the collaborative goal of student achievement. There is no greater feeling than knowing you are a part of a student getting an education that could change their life for the better."

Marlene Taylor, Coordinator of Registration

You have a higher purpose in your career search. You have goals, needs and desires, the accomplishments of life that make you an individual.

At Lethbridge College, everything we do has a higher purpose: the preparation and training of students who are taking their places in the world. We can give you an intriguing career that has the potential to change and improve the lives of thousands of people every year.

You’ll have the chance to bring your knowledge and life experiences to our campus to enrich the experiences of our students. And, we’ll recognize you for your excellence in that endeavour, through awards that celebrate innovation and service to our learners. But there are intangible benefits that accrue, too, such as when a student catches on to a new idea or benefits from a role you’ve played in their education.

Whether you teach or provide a service through areas like finance, facilities management or information technology, you’ll be supporting the higher purpose of student success.

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