Environmental Sciences

As part of a Conservation Law Investigations field studies class, students conduct hunter checks.

All this and a paycheque too

You’ve seen the documentaries and read the startling statistics and now you want to join the fight to ensure our planet’s ecological future. You know you want to be where the action is, crossing trout streams instead of parking lots, while safeguarding Canada’s wildlife and wild places for future generations. It’s your world now and you'll be leaving it in better shape than when you found it.

Our nationally recognized School of Environmental Sciences programs take you to the front lines where the seminal work is being done, tailored for folks who thrive on close encounters with nature. Here you can truly make a difference in – and for – the world.

Many of our programs include transfer agreements with several universities, allowing you to pursue further possibilities. With environmental concerns on the national stage, you’ll be ready to play your role as this vital drama unfolds.