Engineering Technologies

"I enjoyed calculus and wanted to work outside, so I chose Geomatics. My instructors do their best to make sure you succeed and truly make learning fun."

Erin Young, Geomatics Engineering Technology '08

Build a better world

Do your doodles involve buildings and bridges? Do you enjoy playing with the latest technology? Do you have an eye for design and enjoy seeing plans transformed into reality?

Our programs connect your skills to hot engineering economy. From the day you pick up your student laptop – loaded with the latest software for your area of study – you’ll know you’re learning industry standards that will take you straight into a valued, well-paying career.

Alberta companies are hungry for grads in engineering as they map, survey, design and plan new developments; many will be hot on your trail even before you graduate. These three career areas put you in the middle of one of the hottest economies in North America, and give you a chance to build a province for the future.