10 tips to enjoy your college experience

Your college experience is an amazing opportunity.  Here are some quick tips to make the best of it:
  1. If you are not a morning person, don’t schedule classes for 7am. You will not go.
  2. Get involved on campus. All work and no socializing is boring.
  3. Sit near the front of class.
  4. Many colleges have free tutoring centres on campus. Take advantage of them.
  5. Too much socializing = bad grades. Everything in moderation.
  6. Get your flu shots. Yearly.
  7. Just because you *can* do something doesn’t mean you should.
  8. Sleep. Get it. Get enough.
  9. Stay on campus on weekends. If you go home every weekend because you are homesick or have a girlfriend/boyfriend back home, you will be missing out on a lot of the college experience.
  10. Enjoy your college experience – it’s one most rewarding experiences of your life, academically and socially.

Lethbridge College offers a variety of services to support students in their academic and social activities.

What suggestions do you have for students to enjoy their college experience? Please share below.

Image from aoifep via Flickr

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