Medicine Hat and CP police cadets to graduate from Lethbridge College’s collaborative program

Aug. 27, 2015 – The graduation ceremonies of the 2015 Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) and Canadian Pacific Police Service (CPPS) Cadet Training program will take place at 10:45 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 28, in the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre, located at 401 First Street SE, Medicine Hat, Alta.

Nineteen cadets will graduate from the 17-week training program, including 11 MHPS cadets and eight CPPS recruits, all of whom met or exceeded provincial standards in the areas of police recruit training. The cadets will also receive academic accreditation through Lethbridge College for the knowledge and skills they have acquired through this competency-based educational program.

The training program is the first of its kind in Alberta and is the result of a collaborative partnership between MHPS, CPPS and Lethbridge College. The training program is unique as although a traditional classroom environment played an important role, much of the learning and assessment took place in real-life settings throughout the community. In addition, the MHPS cadets enrolled in the program were required to successfully demonstrate the knowledge and skills they acquired in training before being offered a policing position.

“As a college, we are proud of our history of recruit training in the province, and we value the opportunity to partner with the MHPS and CPPS to train their officers and contribute to their lifelong learning as we lead and transform education in Alberta,” say Lethbridge College’s Centre for Justice and Human Services Program Administrator Erica Cormack.

“It has been a great organizational learning experience from so many perspectives,” says MHPS Chief Andy McGrogan. “The high quality of recruits has made this innovative and collaborative approach to training such a pleasure. So many talented professionals have worked very hard to provide a learning experience that will prepare the cadets for the challenges that lay before them.”

“Our new recruits have been very fortunate to participate in this joint training opportunity with MHPS and Lethbridge College,” says CPPS Chief Ken Marchant. “Partnering with other police agencies and educational institutions provides the best overall training possible. I am confident these officers are now prepared to meet the many demands and challenges they will face as they protect and serve throughout the communities in which we operate.”

The CPPS recruits will be provided with additional training at their headquarters in Calgary specific to their duties with the railway before reporting to various locations to take up their new roles. Medicine Hat Police Service will engage in an evaluation and selection process which will see many of their cadets transition to positions as front line officers in Medicine Hat.

Although the cadet model of recruit training is new, Lethbridge College has been delivering police recruit training for more than 15 years, and is committed to meeting the needs of industry by helping them move towards cost-effective, and sustainable models of training.

Members of the media and the public are welcome to attend the graduation ceremony.

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