Alumni hunter

From Wider Horizons magazine - Fall 2008

Alumni know the difference an education made in their lives, so they can best appreciate how college can impact others. Fostering strong ties with such an experienced and knowledgeable group at Lethbridge College is the role of the Office of Alumni Relations.

Getting that connection started on the right foot is Kelly Burke’s job.

Burke assumed the position of alumni relations specialist earlier this summer following a year of work experience at the college as one of three national recipients of the TD Meloche Monnex Fellowship in Advancement.

Burke is working to enhance the sense of pride in and connectivity to Lethbridge College among alumni. As a 2007 grad of Communications Arts – Advertising and Public Relations, Burke has first-hand knowledge of the power of a college education.

“There’s not a chance in the world that I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for the program at the college,” she says. “Not only did I get all the skills I needed to be successful in my job, but one of the reasons why I have my job is because I also had a lot of volunteer opportunities.”

A big part of the plan from the Office of Alumni Relations is to bring alumni and students together.

This can happen through industry-related events, mentorship programs, and working with campus partners. It can also involve successful alumni returning to campus as guest speakers, providing practicums and internships to students, and hiring the college graduates they’ve come to know.