2013 Troy Reeb Internship Winner Stefanie Dunn

Day 1:

Walking into Global News with the VP is something I added onto my bucket list the day I heard all about the Troy Reeb Internship at the College. Within the first 5 minutes, the experience was already blowing me away. We started off with a tour of the building- newsroom, offices, editing suites,  and the studios. The real trick to this experience is being able to navigate through this building without help by the end of the week! I got to spend some time with Laurie Few, the executive producer of Global's News magazine show, 16x9. She is a brilliant woman, and I'll work more with her later on this week. Next I worked on the Assignment Desk- helping reporters chase interviews, find the paper trail and making sure Global gets coverage of any breaking news. Later on in the day I got to work with the prompter for the Global Toronto Newscast, and I watched the production team work their magic. It was pretty amazing watching an award winning show come to life from behind the scenes. Talk about multi tasking! The director is lining up chopper shots, doing sound checks with reporters live on scene, and updating scripts all while cuing the anchors. It was a full first day, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I've already asked to be put to work tomorrow- until then!

 Day 2:

 This morning I was paired with a reporter to go out into the field for a story. We got right to work- doing research and making phone calls to track down addresses and interviews. Talk about investigative journalism- we even took an unmarked car for our shoot! I was excited to see how the story would turn out- the reporter had to work pretty hard to get people to talk on camera- and I got lots of tips from watching the cameraman along the way. It can take a while to get around Toronto so reporters really have to be on the ball about lining up interviews, as well as writing the story along the way. It was great to watch how an experienced journalist works a story from start to finish, not to mention stare in awe as the editor had the story cut in about 15 minutes! I wish! Another day full of amazing experiences at Global News, and that's just day 2.

Day 3:

I returned to the impeccably organized office of Laurie Few today to learn more about the intricate story telling and research behind 16x9. Laurie handed me off to Carolyn Jarvis, the show's host, and one of several producers and reporters. What a treat to work with Carolyn. I lucked out- she had just returned from a shoot in South Africa! I saw a screening of her story, and also worked with the team behind the story during their critique. These journalists are so meticulous it is amazing. Everything from the undertone of music to the way the reporter says a word in the script! This show is very different from daily news stories- the episodes take months to produce, investigate and shoot. I got to accompany Carolyn on a great story she is doing for 16x9's season finale. I can only wish I absorbed some of her intuition, and I can't wait to put to use what I've learnt so far! Tomorrow I'm off to The Morning Show- coffee IV here I come!

Day 4:

When you heard that many members of The Morning Show start their day at 3 am, you almost anticipate some crankiness on set. But not an ounce can be found on this show. What a positive, energetic group! The atmosphere in this studio is amazing- lots of fun! I got to watch the show being filmed live, and then it was time to go behind the scenes and earn my keep. I had to quickly research topics to give the anchors notes- and had a commercial break to do it in! There were a number of guests to usher in and out of the green room, and lots of set changes to be made while the hosts were at a different side of the room. Then the best part of all- two other interns and I were assigned to pull together a brand new show segment. Who knew- my work will make it's National debut tomorrow! Watch and find out what this special project was.

Day 5:

Among everything else I've gotten the chance to experience during the first week of the Internship, I also made my debut on national television!  We had guest Danny Boome from the food network on The Morning Show today, and we decided to do a segment about donuts from across Canada. So myself and two other interns went right to work!  I guess it was all worth it, because the show's producer Ryan asked me to present the donuts to the hosts during the segment! The segment was a lot of fun, and they guessed mostly all of the donuts correctly right off the bat!  Working on The Morning Show was so different than anything else I've done or seen so far, and it makes those early wake up calls worth it!  Now, I'm off to Ottawa, and Parliament Hill!

Day 6:

I got picked up this morning by the crew and we were off to Montreal for the NDP Convention.  I have never seen anything like this before, and I was excited to see the inner workings of the party.  I shadowed Mike Le Couteur for a bit, while he gathered interviews and B-Roll about the NDP's confidence vote for Tom Mulcair. After a very busy morning, I got to meet Mr. Tom Clark, and see him interview the NDP Leader Mr. Mulcair. The whole day was busy, and full of information with the party voting on a number of new resolutions.  Tomorrow it's back to Ottawa for the opposite end of the spectrum-the Liberal Leadership Annc.

Day 7:

I wasted no time getting right to work at the Ottawa office.  This morning was the filming of The West Block, and I got to sit and work with the producer in the control room.  After that, there was work to do!  The West Block was going to be doing a live web show at the Liberal Convention, so they needed lots of set-up and research.  We wandered over to the WESTIN for the announcement. You could feel the excitement of the people from the sidewalk!  It was a circus, and a fun one at that. Piles of media were there! I talked to the Liberal's media coordinator to get as much information as I could for the show.  After speeches from Former PM Jean Chretien, and resigning interim leader Bob Rae, it was time for the announcement.  Justin Trudeau came to the Global platform and had his first interview as the official Liberal Leader. It was, without a doubt, something I may never get to experience again!

Day 8:

Today the House of Commons was back in session, and we were headed strait to Parliament Hill to catch all the action.  After wandering to get my press pass in the morning, I headed to the Aviation Museum for a special announcement by the Harper Government.  Myself and a shooter went to catch the unveiling of the new Bomber Command Honour Award.  After grabbing a few quick interviews, we were back to the office, just in time to walk to the Hill for Trudeau's first Question in Period, or QP.  What a day! The foyer outside was full of media waiting to get reactions from the Conservatives about the new Liberal Leader.  I got to watch the QP, and then we were back in the foyer for a massive media scrum. Trudeau took the microphone, and questions from reporters for about 20 minutes- longer than members usually do I'm told.  It was so exciting to see PM Stephen Harper in person... even though I was a full balcony away!  That's a moment in time I won't soon forget.

Day 9:

Well, last night just as I was getting back from an assignment for Global National, we got word of a bombing in Boston.  We were immediately busy, searching for Canadians, casualties  injuries and most importantly-who and why?  Many of us stayed at the office later to do some work, that's what this business is about.  When breaking news hits, especially something of this magnitude, that's when journalists put their time in.  It carried over into this morning, and I was on the chase for some Ottawa runners, and I helped track down some interviews regarding security protocol for large Canadian events, like the Calgary Stampede, the Vancouver Sun Run and the Ottawa marathon. With those interviews set, I was then on my way to conduct an interview.  A health reporter in Edmonton was doing an interesting story, and the other half of that story was located just outside of Ottawa!  I drove out with a cameraman and interviewed a woman and her family, and got some extra footage.  With that, it was back to the studio.  Another day going by way too fast-before I know it, it will be back to reality!


Day 10:

I can't believe the internship is over already!  It went by so fast.  I head to the Ottawa office and do some background work for The West Block, preparing for an interview Mr. Clark had later that afternoon. After that it was back to Parliament Hill for 'Caucus Outs'- Each party was meeting within itself and often the leaders would come out and speak to the media, or else the media would scrum any other MP they had a question for. And then, it was time to head back to the hotel and pack.  


This internship has been such a life changing experience.  Not only have I had the chance to observe and work with the best journalists in the business, I've gotten to know some of them as more than just a passing acquaintance.  I got to meet past prime ministers, and maybe some future ones too. I watched a Hollywood star give a male morning show host an oxygen facial; helped critique a 16x9 segment; work alongside Global National reporters and bureau chief on Parliament Hill, and breaking news stories; and run around Toronto investigating a sexual assault charge against a local swim coach.  In addition to all those things (seriously, I can't believe how fortunate I am that there's more!) I was able to spend time with Senior VP of Global News, and LC Alum Troy Reeb.  I can't even begin to name all the memories I have made on this trip, and those that will stay with me forever. The world of journalism is ever changing, ever evolving and if a reporter is lucky enough, they'll stick around long enough to change with it. This internship has sparked a fire in me to achieve greatness in broadcast journalism, and shown me how much respect everyone in a newsroom, on camera, behind the camera, editors, writers, news directors, engineers, everyone and anyone involved in the production of news, truly deserves.  I can't thank Troy, Lethbridge College and multiple Global News offices enough for allowing me the time to have this experience.


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