About Us

Welcome Alumni!

As a Lethbridge College alumnus, you are connected to over 25,000 Lethbridge College graduates. The goal of your Alumni Relations office is to help you stay connected to Lethbridge College by providing valuable benefits and services. As an alumnus, you are invited to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts, networking events and volunteer opportunities.

We’ll also keep you informed about what’s happening at the college and with other fellow alumni and you can always get the latest news from the college’s magazine, Wider Horizons, which is published each January, May and September. So, please, do stay in touch!

What We Do

There are more than 30,000 alumni of Lethbridge College living and working all over the world, and the Office of Alumni Relations works hard to engage alumni and current students as they transition into alumni. With approximately 650 students graduating from Lethbridge College per year, we predict that our alumni base will reach 40,000 within 10 years. Our graduates can be found around the globe, however the largest concentration of alumni are living right here in Lethbridge.

We connect our alumni to Lethbridge College and other alumni through communications, including:

  • The award-winning Wider Horizons magazine, which includes features stories of inspiring and influential alumni and always has the latest news of your classmates in the “Where Are They Now” section. If you have a story idea, if you have a new job, new baby or new hometown and want to tell your classmates about it in the “Where Are They Now Section,” or if you are a multi-generational Lethbridge College family and would like to be featured in “It’s a Family Affair,” drop us a note at WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca.
  • Social media, including Facebook and Twitter
  • The Lethbridge College website

We also connect alumni to one another through reunion planning for various departments and class years. Each year we take pride in organizing award events honouring the excellence of distinguished graduates, and we celebrate student success through our various alumni scholarship and internship programs.

Partnerships and Priorities

The Lethbridge College Alumni Association was an independent body of Lethbridge College up until 2007. That year, the college entered into a formal agreement with the association, which led to the establishment of the Office of Alumni Relations. Your Alumni Relations Specialist was created and the Alumni Advisory Council formed. From there the new group developed a strategic business plan for the department. The department’s main priorities are:

  • To harness the connections of alumni so that alumni will serve as ambassadors of the college, assist with student recruitment, serve as a resource and talent pool for faculty and staff, and volunteer to support the college in our initiatives.
  • To provide exclusive services to alumni and students as a benefit of membership, build lifelong relationships with alumni in support of the college, and provide opportunities for alumni to share their stories of student life and alumni success.
  • To work to engage students while they are on-campus so they easily transition into the alumni role and know the benefits of our department.

Alumni connect with Lethbridge College in a variety of ways. We see the majority of our alumni staying in touch with faculty, student clubs, residence, and athletics.  Alumni fully support the college in the strategic plan through collaborative partnerships.

Office of Alumni Relations

Office: CE2322
Phone: 403-329-7220
Fax: 1-888-434-1270
Email: alumni@lethbridgecollege.ca