First Nations, Metis & Inuit Students

Catch your dreams at Lethbridge College.

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Lethbridge College recognizes that it is situated in traditional Blackfoot territory and as such has an Aboriginal Framework policy that reads:

The Blackfoot people welcome Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples to share in their rich heritage and culture. Lethbridge College is dedicated to providing high-quality education and support services with close links to the community through partnerships and being a fully engaged member of the local community."

Lethbridge College’s mandate is to support and help FNMI and non-FNMI learners in achieving their career and personal goals.

Whether you're a recent high school graduate or a mature student looking to re-enter college to upgrade your skills, Lethbridge College offers quality academic advising, career advising and employment preparation services.

DancerBeyond the warm welcome, our FNMI learners enjoy:

  • Personal, cultural, academic and career advising from experienced and dedicated FNMI professionals
  • One-on-one and group career advising sessions
  • FNMI academic advising
  • Information on programs, admission, registration and study skills
  • Assistance with FNMI funding, awards & scholarships and bursaries
  • Student-initiated social, educational, cultural and sporting events
  • FNMI Services and Student lounge
  • Access to Elders and spiritual advisors
  • FNMI Career Pathways Program

Your career begins with Lethbridge College. We offer:

  • FNMI Student Awards Manual: awards, scholarships and bursary information
  • Upgrading, certificates, diplomas, applied degrees and university transfers
  • Small class sizes offering personalized instruction
  • An on-campus day care
  • Learning skills workshops in the Learning Café
  • Accessible computer labs across campus, including work stations in the FNMI Services & Student Lounge
  • Accessibility Services: support for learners with disabilities
  • Kodiak athletic programs including basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross-country running, and golf
  • Career Centre: an on-campus student employment centre
  • Culinary Services: a cafeteria and food services
  • Furnished on-campus Residence and assistance with off-campus housing

Contact Us


Shanda Webber,
Manager of Recruitment and FNMI Services

Phone: 403.320.3242

Marcia Blackwater
FNMI Student Advisor
Phone: 403 320-3203 ext. 5731

Pam Blood
FNMI Academic Advisor

Phone: 403.320.3202 ext. 5359

Our logo captures the essence of Lethbridge College’s FNMI education programs and support services. Representing a Blackfoot tipi cover, the logo signifies the college’s dedication to providing an inclusive learning environment for all FNMI and non-FNMI people.