Chris (Seng Yeop Baek) - Korea

My experience as a student at Lethbridge College was very interesting and memorable. The instructors were very keen on our learning and they were very helpful. Also, the students in the college were very nice and friendly. Overall my experience in Lethbridge college was outstanding.

alt Fang fang Xie – China

I am from China. I came to Lethbridge to study English as a Second Language because my husband had studied at the University. I was a nurse for 16 years in my country. So I need to improve my English, and then I want to take the Nursing program at the college.

Living in Lethbridge is very interesting, and I need to learn many new things. I like Lethbridge because it has a beautiful and peaceful environment.

As a student, I have to be thankful for all of the ESL teachers. They give me knowledge and a happy life. I will respect them in my heart forever.

alt Taichi Tsuji – Japan

My aunt had studied at Lethbridge College for a half year, and she recommended this college, which has a great environment to study English. As I’m studying English, I feel that I want to study it more and graduate from a college or university. I’m interested in becoming a sports trainer. Although I was going to enroll in a Japanese university, I changed my mind. To be accurate, this environment changed my mind! Now, my goal is graduating from university here.

I really like Lethbridge because the people living here are very kind and familiar. Moreover, I can concentrate on studying with good teachers and an ESL program. I’m learning about not only English, but also Canadian culture and so on. When I have a question, I ask my teachers; they answer it very kindly. Even if I can’t understand well, they teach me until I understand completely.

The college environment also influences me. There is a good library and other places where I can study; I always go there and study or speak English with my friends after school.

I’m living with my host family. They are kind and serve great meals. I am learning many things from them. I am really enjoying my present life.

alt Giselle Thomas – Mexico

I came to Lethbridge to study English as a Second Language because some of my cousins came before, and they told me that this was a good place to study English. They were right. I needed to improve my English so that I can achieve the requirement of the English language at the university in Mexico.

Lethbridge is a wonderful place to stay because the people are friendly and social especially to newcomers in Canada.

The ESL teachers and students are very friendly to each other and in the classes we have lots of fun.

I am living with a host family, and I think it is a good experience because it is like living with your own family.

I like Lethbridge College because it is a great environment to study; it is peaceful and everybody is friendly.

alt Teresa Anyek – Uganda

I am studying English as a Second Language to improve in my communication with others and because English is now a world-wide or international language. My goal for studying English is to accomplish my nursing course.

I like Lethbridge because it is a great environment, for me especially, and for other newcomers in Canada. It is a small peaceful city in Canada where you feel at home.

What I like about the ESL program in Lethbridge is that the teachers are friendly and kind to every student. There is lots of fun given to the students. For example, there are many activities like school trips and parties.

alt Joshua Hwang - Korea

I came to Lethbridge because my uncle who lives here recommended the city to me. Lethbridge is just the right size. It is not too small and not too large.

I am studying English because the language is very important to know in Korea and it is the language of the world. I would like to continue my studies in Social Services at a college or university in Canada.

What I like about the ESL program is that there are people from many different countries studying here. The teachers are friendly and they help me a lot.

The College campus is the right size, too; it is not too large and not too small. I enjoy using the gym and the library a lot.

Canada is a nice quiet country with beautiful scenery and clean air.

alt Simon Chen – China

I come from China, and I am studying English in Lethbridge as my second language.

Before I came here, I knew Lethbridge is a beautiful small city, which has few Chinese speakers. After I arrived here, I found Lethbridge is pretty great to me. It has few but kind people, a relaxing life, and a good living environment.

In my ESL study at LC, I love every subject, such as grammar, reading, speaking, and writing. My English skills have improved a lot. In ESL class, we have a few parties, usually for some interesting festivals of Canada. Moreover, I really love the field trips.

Last year, I lived in an apartment in Lethbridge, but now I am living in a house.

About Lethbridge College – I love the good studying environment, all the friendly teachers, and the different students that came from other countries.