Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study for less than a full semester?
Yes, you can study for a minimum of four weeks in our full-time ESL course.

What countries are students from?
Every semester is different, but students generally come from 25 to 30 different countries.

What is the general age range of students? 
The average age is around 24 years old. (minimum age of 18 years required)

Can I fly directly to Lethbridge?
Yes, you will have to land in Calgary first (about a 30-minute flight from Lethbridge). There are several flights daily between the two cities.

Do classes include many conversation activities?
Yes, definitely. Our students also mix with other college programs and in the community.

Can I study in other programs at the college when I finish ESL (English as a Second Language)?
Yes, the college offers a variety of programs, many of which transfer to other universities.

Can I work and study at the same time?
Please visit Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for more information on working and studying while in Canada:

Do I need a Study Permit?
Yes, according to Canada Immigration regulations, if you are studying for longer than 6 months, you need a Study Permit. This can be acquired by submitting your Letter of Acceptance issued by Lethbridge College upon receipt of a deposit. Contact your nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate for more information. Anyone can study for up to 6 months without a Study Permit (one time only).

Do I need health insurance?
Yes, this is very important. Buy health insurance before you leave your home country. Online you can purchase it from Ingle Insurance.

What is the College refund policy for full-time ESL students?
ALL of your ESL tuition fees (except for 50% of your tuition deposit) will be refunded if you tell us up to 20 business days (usually this is 4 weeks) before the semester begins. ALL of your ESL tuition fees will be refunded (except for 100% of your tuition deposit) if you tell us up to 6 business days after the course has begun.

What is the College refund policy for short-term/non-credit ESL students?
Pro-rated refunds are processed after the course has begun, as follows:
75% of the tuition charged for the course will be refunded for withdrawals received on or after the start date and prior to 25% expiration of the course duration.