Apply Now (English Language Centre)

Step 1: Introduction

  1. Visit Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), click on the “Study” link and follow the directions. You will need to print off the following forms:

    • Guide (IMM5269)
    • Application for a Study Permit (IMM1294)
    • Document Checklist (IMM5483)
  2. Apply for a passport if you need one.

Step 2: Complete Lethbridge College Forms

  1. Application for Admission:

    • Print off and complete the Application for Admission form. Use a dark pen, print clearly and complete all sections.
    • Pay the deposit of $375 CDN ($300 Tuition deposit, $75Application fee) either by credit card, bank transfer or cheque. No Letter of Acceptance will be issued until this is done.
    • (Bank Transfer instructions will be provided on request. Please note: this process takes much longer and it will delay you in getting your Letter of Acceptance.)
  2. Accommodation choices:

    • Residence: Apply for Residence at least 8 months in advance for Fall (September) or Winter (January) semesters. If you want to study in the Spring (May) semester, you can apply anytime.
    • Homestay: Apply for homestay at least one month in advance of your arrival.

Send all of the above in ‘Step 2’ to the English Language Centre at least 3 months before your semester begins.

Step 3: Letter of Acceptance and Accommodation Confirmation

  • You will receive your Letter of Acceptance by mail within 3 weeks.
  • Take this letter and all the IRCC application forms you completed in ‘Step One’ to the Canadian Embassy so that you can apply for a Study Permit.
  • You will receive confirmation of your accommodation choice by mail or email.

Step 4: Travel

  • Book your travel arrangements to fly to Lethbridge, Alberta (YQL). Plan your travel so that you arrive at least 3 days before your classes start.

Step 5: Final Documents

  • You will receive a letter or email from the Canadian Embassy stating that your application for a Study Permit was successful. Do not lose this. Bring it with you when you travel to Canada.
  • It is strongly advised that you arrange for health care insurance for the whole length of your stay in Canada, before leaving your country. We recommend Ingle International if you have difficulty finding coverage.

Step 6: Final Information

  • You are now ready to come to Canada. Please note that Canada has a few different time zones, so check the current time upon arrival so you do not miss your connection.
  • Be sure to bring a small amount of cash or traveler’s cheques in Canadian dollars.
  • If you are staying with a host family, they or Lethbridge Homestay Services will meet you at the Lethbridge Airport.
  • If you are staying in Residence, you can request airport pick-up service. Please contact Lethbridge Homestay Services for their fees and services.
  • Please also note that the entire tuition (and residence fees, if applicable) is due 7 days from the start of the semester. No exceptions.