What Describes You Best?

High school student

You're transitioning to college from high school, taking another leap in life and wondering just what awaits you in the “big leagues.” Fear not: it's all good. We can help you pick a program, find a residence, develop study habits, find your way around and generally get you on the road to yet another successful educational experience.

Older student returning to college

You've made the decision to return to school. Smart move. We can get you on your way to a new career, with all the supports you need for success. If you require upgrading, we've got it. Study help? Got it. Assistance with choosing a career? It's what we do. You'll transition back into student life quickly; as a mature student, the only way you'll stand out is in academic achievement. 

Transfer student

If you're joining us from another post-secondary institution, you might be eligible for transfer credit or a fast-track program which recognizes your previous achievements. 

FNMI student

If you're a First Nations, Metis or Inuit learner, welcome. We have a strong FNMI tradition on campus, with services in place to help you achieve success. 

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International student

We have students from a multitude of countries upgrading their English skills or already enrolled in post-secondary programs to earn certificates, diplomas, and applied degrees. As an international learner, you'll be valued on our campus. We believe our Canadian students benefit from learning other cultures; many are eager to show you their world and engage you in conversation and social and sports activities.

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Upgrading student

You've made the decision to return to school to improve your grades and prepare for a post-secondary education. We'll give you all the support you need to be successful in your endeavour, from academic support to study tips, to get you where you want to be.