Transcript Requests

The Lethbridge College Registrar's Office is responsible for processing and issuing academic transcripts. This office also records and updates all student grades; and where applicable term academic standings and graduation notations.

Special Notes

  • Official Alberta Learning High School transcripts may be ordered electronically from the Alberta Government.
  • Official Apprenticeship grades can be obtained by contacting the local office of Alberta Apprenticeship and Industrial Training at 403 381-5380. Transcripts are $20 (subject to change) each.

Official Transcripts
Official transcripts carry the college seal, the signature of the registrar and are sealed in envelopes. They are mailed directly to the destination indicated on the request form. When given directly to the student, the transcript is stamped "Issued to Student." Official transcripts are issued at no charge and cannot be faxed.

Unofficial Transcripts
Unofficial transcripts are identical to official transcripts, but do not carry the college seal, or the registrar's signature. Unofficial transcripts can be obtained by presenting your Student ID card or other picture ID to the registration staff, or by following the steps outlined below in the "How to request transcripts" section. Unofficial transcripts are issued at no charge and can be faxed.

The Request for Transcript of Academic Record form is formatted in Portable Document Format (PDF).

How to request transcripts

Only the student can request their transcript. Release of a transcript requires, without exception, the student's signature and, therefore, cannot be requested by phone. Upon receipt, transcript requests are usually processed within 24 hours (business days). Transcripts will not be issued to any student who has not fulfilled their financial obligation to the Lethbridge College and the college shall not be held responsible for meeting deadlines which are not those of the college.

You may request a transcript in person: by coming into the Registrar's Office and personally filling out the Request For Transcript of Academic Record form or with the completed request form from the link above.

You may request a transcript by mail: by printing the Request for Transcript of Academic Record and mailing it to:

Registrar's Office
Lethbridge College
3000 College Drive South
Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 1L6

You may request a transcript by providing a handwritten, signed request, that includes:

  • your full name and Student ID number (if known)
  • current address and phone number
  • birth date
  • full name and mailing address of institution, agency or individual receiving the transcript
  • number of transcripts required
  • your signature

You may request a transcript by fax: 1-888-819-9803 by faxing the completed Request For Transcript of Academic Record form, or by faxing your completed handwritten request as outlined above under MAIL

Transcripts and other forms of confirmation are released only after any outstanding accounts with the Lethbridge College have been settled.

For further information contact the Records Office at 394-7371 with any questions you may have.