Mobile Learning

Lethbridge College is focused on enhancing students’ learning experiences through technology so they have greater capacity for success as learners, future employees and members of the community. In programs requiring students to use personal mobile devices (i.e. laptop, tablet), the devices must meet or exceed the hardware requirements set by the programs. In some instances, the devices must be purchased from Lethbridge College.

Please contact the chair of the program in which you are enrolled for additional information.

The following programs require you to purchase a mobile learning device from Lethbridge College:


The Lethbridge College Mobile Learning program requires students in the Engineering Technologies and Interior Design Technology programs to purchase a laptop for use during their studies. We currently have a small number of computers that are last year’s model available for sale in the bookstore at a reduced price. They are limited in number and are available on a “first come - first served basis”. If you are interested in one of these laptop models please consider the following:

  1. The model only comes with a 2 year warranty vs the 3 year warranty that the new machines come with: (These machines are not recommended for students that are planning to complete their diploma beyond the typical 2 year period)
  2. The new models have some superior performance specifications.
  3. Both models will be supported by our service technician.

Contact Steve Brown (laptop service technician 403-320-5407), Vicki Hegedus (Interior Design Chair 403-320-3202 ext. 5362) or Bill Smienk (Engineering Technologies Chair 403-320-3456) if you have questions or require more information.

•  Civil Engineering Technology

•   Geomatics Engineering Technology

•   Interior Design Technology

The following programs require you to purchase your own device with minimum specifications: