Board of Governors

Board of Governors (as of September 1, 2017)

  • Kristin Ailsby, Board Chair
  • Calvin Scott, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Paula Burns, President and CEO
  • Brenda Brindle
  • Randy Dunlop
  • Rita Halma
  • Kari Holmes
  • Tom McKenzie
  • Richard Stamp
  • Zachary Wigand

    Board Secretary:  Dianne Marcellus-Kerr

The Board of Governors of Lethbridge College is established under the authority of the Post-Secondary Learning Act (Statutes of Alberta, 2003 Chapter P-19.5) .  Click on the following link for Bylaws.

The Board of Governors is the most senior decision-making body at Lethbridge College. Public Board members are appointed by an Alberta Government Order in Council and generally serve a three-year term of office, with an opportunity to serve a further three-year term. Internal representatives to the Board (i.e. the Academic , Non-Academic Staff and Student Representatives) are appointed directly by the Minister of Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education for terms as outlined in the Post Secondary Learning Act.

The most current signed Mandate and Roles Document for the Board of Governors (June 2014) can be found at the following link — Lethbridge College Mandate and Roles Document.  This document is developed collaboratively with the Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education and the college's Board of Governors to reflect a common understanding of respective roles and responsibilities.   The mandate for the college was approved by the Minister on October 25, 2011.

The Board Chair position can be found by clicking on this link:  Board Chair Position Profile

Board Schedule for 2017/18

Board meetings generally start at 4:30 p.m. in the College Boardroom (CE2341) and the schedule is as follows:


  • Thursday, September 21
  • Monday, October 30
  • Tuesday, November 28


  • Tuesday, January 30
  • March 27 - Board Retreat
  • Tuesday, May 8
  • Tuesday, June 12

The agenda for each meeting is available on this site under the menu item "Board Agenda".